Ways to Stop Bullying, How to Stop Bullies

Ways to Stop Bullying, How to Stop Bullies

A lot of books and psychologist, give out advice on how to stop bullying, yet, few recommend self-examination of one’s own weaknesses and actions to stop bullying.

The solution of taking responsibility by using self-examination works in the long run and helps to prevent bullying in the future from unreasonable individuals.  Short term solutions are listed below.


ways to stop bullying

Self-examination due to another child’s continued actions can be a difficult thing for a child to do, yet, it will make the child stronger, and more confident.  It will also awaken leadership abilities within the child and is a lesson even adults can take to heart.

The basis of “self-examination” says no matter WHAT happens in your life, YOUR actions contributed to the end-result.  To change your end result, change YOUR actions.

This is a hard road for a child to take, yet this line of thinking will serve the child well and place him/her on a path of leadership, growth, and greatness.

It’s understandable if you don’t agree with this way of thinking, most parents don’t.  Yet when a bully decides to stick his leg out and trip your child, ask yourself, what could your child have done differently to prevent such actions?

A.  Avoid the bully
B.  Tell an adult about the bully’s previous actions
C.  Both A and B
D.  None of the above

Let’s look at another example.

Your boy child is akin to a computer geek.  This is a good thing. He’s smart, gets excellent grades and is a wonderful child.  Each week when your son attends the after school computer science club, a certain bully, who has been placed in the group to help keep him out of trouble,  teases your son and throws objects at him.


If you were to encourage your son to self-examine the entire situation, thereby placing your son in a position of power he’ll quickly learn he has options.


A.  Tell the teacher in charge of the after school computer science club
B    If the teacher does nothing, talk to the Principal of the school
C.   If nothing is done to stop the bullying, consider legal actions
D.   Drop out of the computer science club until the bully no longer has to attend


The eBook, Handling Bullies, children learn two things.

  1.  Other children around the world are also being bullied, they learn they aren’t the only ones being bullied.
  2. Children learn to increase their self-confidence to help avoid being the obvious choice for a bully to pick on.

The eBook is cute, multicultural and funny.  Empower your child, avoid helping the child to feel helpless.  Your child has control over bullies if you allow him/her to realize their potential.






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