Travel Books for Kids

Travel Books for Kids
Travel books for kids help to expand the child’s mind and awareness and help to fulfill the need to explore and grow from different experiences.
This book series personalizes the travel experience when children are able to connect with Kevin a school age child who travels with his family and their pet chimpanzee, Kizmo.  Children enjoy the ends and outs of Kizmo getting lost and Kevin looking for him all over the city.  This creates adventure and a limited amount of suspense while employing education, geography, and increased awareness



From New York City to Japan and then Italy, children are exposed to the geography, reading maps and learning about travel, itineraries, different modes of transportation and famous landmarks in cities and countries around the world.




Children experience Mexico, lifestyle, culture differences, cities and adventures.  Istanbul a city located on two different continents shares geography, famous landmarks, travel under the sea. and even more adventure for children.  Kizmo, the pet chimp, getting lost in London creates an opportunity for children to explore the city and the famous landmarks.


Children who travel do better in school and life.  When actual travel is not possible, virtual travel is the next best solution and has several of the same benefits of actual travel, minus the cost.
Each book in the Travel Adventure for Kids Series is a travel guide for kids.  Virtual travel books help prepare the child for actual travel and allow the child to connect what they’ve read in their unofficial travel guide to what they actually see and learn during their travels.  It’s a connection which has enormous educational benefits.


Kizmo Gets Lost in New York City – Kizmo is always getting into trouble and this book is no exception.  The family goes on a vacation to New York City.  Kizmo gets lost and finding him takes the family all over New York City.  Children experience the famous landmarks in New York City. A travel book for kids, educational adventure for school age children.



Kevin and Kizmo Visit Japan  Kevin and his family visit Japan.  Kizmo, the pet chimpanzee travels with the family and for once he behaves during the trip. The family visits the city of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, a martial arts competition and a Japanese school for children and the snow monkeys. An education travel adventure filled with facts and information about the country of Japan.


Kizmo the Chimp, Gets Lost in the City of London.  The family goes on holiday to Great Britain. Kizmo, the family pet chimpanzee, goes too. This time, Kizmo stays out of trouble.  Big surprise.  But guess who gets into trouble?  The famil visits famous landmarks in London including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Kingston Palace and more.  An educational travel adventure for elementary school age children. Introduction to a different culture and country. Geography included. Travel with Kevin and his family






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