This Week’s Free Edu Books for Children Math, Write ABC’s, Division for Beginners

This Week’s Free Edu Books for Children Math, Write ABC’s, Division for Beginners

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A Math Game for Children; Division for Beginners. Children are introduced to the different components of division. Easy, fun, simple way for children to grow their math skills To keep it interesting, several of the math problems include addition and subtraction and division. Twenty question, with answers at the end of the book




Easy Fun Way to Learn How to Add Numbers. Children learn the concept of addition by counting the dots in this colorful math game for ages 4 to 7. A cute penguin helps the child with each of the ten math problems. To reduce the stress involved in learning a new math game, the correct answers are in the lower right-hand
corner of each page. The correct answer is only a matter of counting the dots associated with the numbers in the math problem



Word recognition game, connecting, objects to actual words.  Once the child understands the concept of matching a word with an object or person, the child is empowered and usually wants to learn more. It’s not exactly reading, yet it builds interest and increases the child’s level of reading awareness.


Kids memory is enhanced when children write and draw the pictures for their very own book. Children also learn the sounds the alphabet make when using this digital workbook.
The child will need at least 52 sheets of clean white paper and a box of crayons. This 30-page colorful workbook will serve as a guide. The technique is easy, fun and effective. Children feel no pressure and this activity will keep the child busy for one hour or more. Once the child has completed the entire workbook, staple the child’s 52 sheets together to make a personal book. An exciting accomplishment for young children. An Early Childhood Education learning experience.
















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