The Best Preschool Curriculum

The best preschool curriculum is colorful, fun, memorable and engaging.  An excellent preschool curriculum is not only engaging, it reinforces previous lessons, introduces new concepts and builds confidence.  Yet there is one lesson more worthy than all the other preschool curriculum lessons.
Children forget.  That’s part of being a child.  They become overwhelmed with new things, people and places and they often times, simply forget.
One of the benefits of preschool is to establish a learning pattern where information is not only retained but used in everyday life.
Example:  Learning the days of the week is great.  However, “understanding” which day of the week it is, is fulfilling.  The same with learning the alphabet.  When the child learns that each alphabet makes a sound and the sounds make up words, that’s exciting.
One of the greatest gifts a parent can provide to a child is the lesson on “how to stay focused on one thing at a time.”  To the degree, a child learns this lesson, that will be the degree of effective learning in the child’s future. Yes, learning how to stay focused is that important.

So how do you teach a four-year-old how to stay focused?

Most educators and parents use games to help introduce the art of “paying attention.”  You can hear parents all across the world telling children to concentrate.  Yet, parents forgot to explain “how.”
The second best preschool curriculum can be on any topic or subject, as long as it’s engaging and age appropriate.  Browse this page for age appropriate preschool games on learning how to stay focused for ages 3 to 5 years.  These game-books are specifically designed to help children learn the art of staying focused.



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