Preschool Science

Preschool Science

Science introduces children to “possibilities.” Science is such an important subject, the sooner you introduce young children to science the more prepared they will become for a future of learning.


When I was teaching preschool, it always amazed me how children who didn’t do well in remembering their ABC’s, did very well in science and math.


Science subjects for a child in preschool includes subject like


  • Life Science:  Plants and Animals

  • Life Science:  People

  • Physical Science

  • Earth and Sky Science


Life and Science:  Plants and Animals would include activities like comparing leaves, learning about how plants grow and the major categories of animals. A fish tank to visiting the zoo to identify different breeds of animals.  This category of science also includes spiders and bugs which are most popular with little boys.




Life Science: People would include learning about the body and the different parts of the body.  Think of this as the prelude to medical school


Physical Science has to do with all the sciences a child can touch and see.




Earth and Sky Science having to do with the planet earth, the sun, the moon, stars and solar system.  You’d be surprised how fast some children catch on to the Earth and Sky Sciences. The book Science is Simple has over 250 preschool science activities and is recommended for preschool teachers.


We took the liberty to share some of the top science books for preschoolers in the Kindle Store.  The book What is Nature is suitable for preschool and school age children.  Any of these books will actively explain the science and help to make science a more enjoyable subject for your child.


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