Preschool Phonics, Shapes, Staying Focused, This Week’s Free Edu Books

Preschool Phonics, Shapes, Staying Focused, This Week’s Free Edu Books

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My ABC’s and the Sounds They Make   Early Childhood Education – Reading readiness starts with the sound each alphabet makes. This children’s Book has over 100 words with colorful images to help children learn the sounds each alphabet makes. This is called phonics. The sounds turn into words, the words turn into sentences and before you know it, your child is learning to read. Learning to read may seem like a daunting task, especially if this is your first child, just remember when you learned to read. Your child will succeed, just as you did. This is another After School Edu Project presenting early childhood education



This workshop digital book involves both the parent and the child. No need to complete the book in one night. Spread it out over a couple nights. Revisit the digital workbook often to ensure that your child remembers what they’ve learned. An Early Childhood Education learning experience



Young children often have problems learning to concentrate. This book will help to develop your child’s ability to focus. The sooner the child learns the art of focusing, the better he/she will do in school. This easy yet effective game of concentration keeps the child’s mind on one thing, that’s finding and counting the rabbits. Mr. Rabbit is hiding in different places and children must pay close attention in order to identify and count each rabbit. Parent participation recommended. appropriate for Early Childhood Education and First Grade. Skills: Word recognition, Cognitive skills, Concentration skills, Improves confidence.

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