Preschool Learning Books

Preschool Learning Books

Kids want to be just like mommy and daddy, they want to use digital devices too, and what better content than preschool learning books to help your child get ahead and stay ahead of the learning curve.


Amazon gets it. They have kid-proof tablets for young children. This means when kids drop the electronic tablets, they won’t break, at least not easily.  Parents who allow children to use their laptops or desktop computers are brave parents.  Kids have a way of touching buttons and making a perfectly good computer go dark.


We recommend the following Preschool Learning Books and Curriculum:


  • Learning ABC’s

  • Identifying ABC’s in sequence and out

  • Learning to count to ten, then to twenty

  • Being able to identify numbers in sequence and out of sequence

  • Learning how to color the alphabet and numbers, which leads to the ability to write the ABC’s and numbers.

  • Building cognitive skills such as memory, ability to focus, learning directions like up down, around, behind, etc.

  • Learning shapes, the beginning of geometry for preschool.  Let’s not forget colors,

  • And developing hand-eye coordination



There is more to preschool than the above subjects, such as days of the week, months of the year, travel for children, geography, cultural, and introduction to the sounds each alphabet makes, all subjects which the author has included in different preschool learning books.




ECE stands for Early Childhood Education.  All of our books are based on U.S. Academic Standards  The above group of books is an example of the type of preschool curriculum parents, daycare providers, and preschool teachers can download for children, free on our site each week.



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