Online Preschool Curriculum

online preschool curriclulume-Larning or online preschool curriculum is catching up to e-learning for adults and college students.  Little people enjoy emulating other family members, and this includes learning online.
Engaging in online curriculum for preschoolers and kindergarteners is not new and there are millions and millions of views on YouTube to prove it.
The concern with the YouTube approach is children like to point and click and if you don’t have parental control software in place, children can end up anywhere on the web within seconds.  ABC Preschool Online, a subsidiary of took this very popular trend to heart and created an online preschool curriculum using video as a way to deliver basic preschool curriculum to children.
Thus far, the retention is good and this is an indication the factors
online preschool curriculum
which make YoutTube videos so popular are enjoyed on the more secure preschool website.
Each week authors include the free online book promotions for preschool on the ABC Preschool website.  Parents can download and read the eBooks on any device including a smartphone.

Preschool Online Curriculum Includes:

  • ABC’s

  • Reading Readiness /Sight Words/Word Recognition

  • Math / Concept of Adding/Subtraction

  • Building Cognitive Skills / Learning to Focus/ Thinking Process/ Memory


Over 75% of the online preschool curriculum is video.  There are lessons in PDF format and e-Slides.  Parents can print out the PDFs in black and white or color.  Please join us, utilize the 30-second enrollment.  Enrollment is FREE.  U.S. Academic Standards.


online preschool curriculum

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