Math, Phonics, Download This Week’s Free Preschool Books

Math, Phonics, Download This Week’s Free Preschool Books

This week’s free preschool book promo begins MONDAY, October 2nd to October 6th Midnight.  All other times use your Amazon account to download and read on any mobile device.



Learning how to add and subtract using images is one of the easiest ways for children to learn about math.  It’s a time when children learn numbers are used for more than just counting to ten or twenty.  It’s an exciting time and the Adding and Subtracting With Pictures help kids have fun while learning.


The book ABC’s Numbers and Colors is a reinforcement learning tool.  The more children experience phonics, even when they don’t completely understand, the easier it will be when they begin to learn phonics.  Repetition is crucial.  Download a copy of ABC’s Animals and Colors


Enroll in the ABC Preschool Online e-Learning platform for preschoolers.  It only takes 30 seconds.


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