Math for Preschoolers

Math for Preschoolers

It’s an exciting day when a preschooler learns there is much more to numbers than counting to ten.  After all, learning to count to twenty is like the big kids, and the fact that you can do things with numbers is even more interesting. Things like adding the numbers and taking numbers away from numbers, all intriguing and fun.


The job of the parent is to keep the fun going even after the child leaves preschool for the day.   Reinforcing the concept of numbers and math at home helps the child to retain what he/she has learned.

You’d be amazed how fast a preschooler can forget what he/she learned the day before.  Circle time is a time to reinforce the preschool basics such as the ABC’s, days of the week, counting and cognitive skills, along with social skills.

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This page includes fun math games for preschool age children.  The more fun ways you can introduce math to a child, the more they learn, understand and remember.  Instilling the notion that math is fun, starts early and colorful fun games in eBooks help to support the idea that math is fun.



The Little Pink Pig Learning Series is the latest math eBook for Preschoolers to join our library.  A learning video is included where children can view the book in digital format and video format.  Three Books in One. Adding, Subtraction and Word Recognition for Preschool and Kindergarten. Math and Farm Animals. Preschool Game and Learning Tool.


Book I – Addition How to Add
Book II – Subtraction How to Subtract
Book III – Word Recognition Surrounding Farm Animals and Farm Life

This math book for preschool includes three books in one and comes with a video format of the lesson for easy and fun learning.


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