Major Controversy Surrounding Preschool, Article to Help Parents Make a Decision

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A major controversy surrounding preschool involves curriculum based preschools vs. play time preschools..

The best preschools offer both.  Preschools who bridge the gap between learning and play graduate better students than those who lean too heavily on either play or academics.

There are groups of educators who strongly believe preschool is a time to learn how to interact with others and play is the best method to achieve this goal.  This same group of educators believe children are starting to learn much too early.  There is room for this argument, yet when these children start kindergarten with children who have attended curriculum based preschools, they find themselves behind the curve.

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Ultimately it is up to the parents to decide which type of preschool to enroll their child in.

If a parent opts for a play-time and interaction preschool curriculum, they may find their child is slightly behind in kindergarten where other children are ready for reading readiness, because ABC’s was last year’s lesson.

Yet, academic advanced children may be lacking in social skills which makes for a whole different set of concerns.

As a retired preschool teacher, I recommend parents opt for preschools which foster both learning and play curriculums.  On that same subject, I strongly suggest parents open the door to advance learning based on a child’s interest and abilities.  Extremely intelligent children get bored real fast with preschool.  It’s up to the parent to identify this possibility and provided added stimulation outside of the classroom.  The Kindle Unlimited program and the Kindle Book Store helps to makes this task affordable.

Article  by C. Ingram, ECE

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