Kindle Summer School for Preschool

Kindle Summer School for Preschool

Children Forget,  Use Kindle eBooks to Keep Them Ahead of the Learning Curve.  Scroll down for a receommended preschool reading list for the summer.


Teachers get it, families are busy during the summer.  Kids are experiencing new adventures, family vacations, trips to grandma’s house, summer camp and many other activities.


As a parent, it’s your job to keep your child’s learning habits in tack.  When your child returns to school, teachers will only spend a limited time going over subjects your child should already know  . . . .  before they begin introducing new subjects.


Children who “forgot” over the summer will be at a disadvantage.  We all realize, children forget.  They forget what you told them last week, now we’re expecting them to remember what they learned three months ago?


Amazon has several options to help parents.  First of all, children need their own kid-proof tablet.  This way the child can be held accountable to read and complete certain e-books you add to their reading list.  Secondly, to help lower the cost of purchasing one to two new e-books five days a week, parents can check out Amazon’s  Kindle Unlimited Program.


Summer Curriculum for Preschool.













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