Each Week New, Free, Educational Books for Children

Each Week New, Free, Educational Books for Children
Kids eReader Starts at $76.78 – Click on image to learn more.

Each week visitors can download free educational books for children from the Amazon Kindle Store.  BUT, you don’t have to have an eReader to read free books in the Kindle Store.  You can read on your table, desktop, laptop and even your cell phone.

We  ask parents and teachers to please leave feedback, but it’s not required.  This will help us with decisions for future books and help parents who are on the path of parenting to make good decisions.  If you have a problem with one of our books, no matter how small, please contact us to let us know.

Learning on the digital platform is fast becoming the normal for children in the United States and Europe.  Getting your child involved in digital learning is not only a wise decision but also a rewarding decision for the child.  Leave no child behind.  Encourage each child to be the best that he can be.


C. Ingram, ECE

(Early Childhood Education)


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