Filling the Gap Between Public School and Private School for Preschoolers and Kindeergartners

If your finances don’t allow you to place your child in private school, regardless of where you live, your child has to share the teacher and possibly the teacher’s aid with 25 to 30 plus, other children.  The teacher delivers the instructions to the children once, maybe twice.

The teacher’s aid walks around and helps the children as best she or he can.  Most of the children will complete the assignment without a problem.  The question becomes how well does the child understand the subject?  Is there time for the many different questions from 25 kindergarten children.


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It’s late in the year for the kindergarten class.  The children are introduced to addition, using worksheets the teacher provides. Most of the children will get it.  They’re getting ready to graduate to the first grade after the summer vacation.  They’re ready to understand the concept of adding numbers.

The problem arises when one week of summer turns into weeks of summer and the child looses confidence in his/her previous math lesson.  Here is where Amazon Kindle can help your child’s educational progress at a  low cost.

C. Ingram a retired, Early Childhood Education professional publishes books for young children on Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Parents can either purchase or borrow books which will increase the child’s educational progress.



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