Educational Toys for Future Coders, Engineers Preschool to School-Age

Educational Toys for Future Coders, Engineers Preschool to School-Age
educational toys
Over 300 Reviews 4.5 Stars

Who said you can’t steer your child into a profitable and rewarding career?  Parents do it all the time.  And “you” should be no different.  The child will let you know if the educational toy resonates within their inner self.  They will play with the toy all day if you let them.  They will learn every detail about the toy, break it, and then start over.  That’s when you know your child is interested.

It’s not about forcing the child into one career path or another, it’s about helping your child to “find” out what his interest is at an early age.  Don’t get upset if your four years old trades his interest in engineering in for a coding career at the age of seven or eight.  A child’s mind changes as his abilities and awareness increases.  Parents can facilitate and encourage different learning paths by simply taking the time to purchased educational toys that enhance a child’s interest and capabilities.   Regardless if you opt for engineering toys or coding toys for kids, the toy’s and book’s benefits include building cognitive skills.

Expanding the mind, learning and having fun is the basic goal of good educational toys.  The toys and books we’ve selected on this page provide all three benefits.  Be sure to scroll the entire page for all options.




educational toys
Over 60 Reviews 4.2 Stars

ETI Toys Educational Engineering Building Children’s Set – 109-Piece Construction Blocks & Gears Kit, Colourful Oversized Plastic Bricks, Promote Fun Learning & STEM Skills – Ages 4-8





educational toys
Over 100 Reviews 4.5 Stars


Magnetic Building Blocks, Have 200-Piece Magnetic Tiles And 54-Piece Letter Card(Can Be Mounted)- Deluxe Building Set








Future Coders Cube Stackers Coding Skills Kit   Yes, coding toys for preschoolers are available.  It’s never too early to start training a future coder.

  • Stack 12 cool cube creatures

  • Challenge cards mimic computer programs with algorithms for building

  • Follow the sequence of arrows to build animals with cardboard cubes

  • Includes 8 cubes, game board, 12 puzzle cards, 12 pipe cleaners, 34 punch-outs, and instructions

  • Recommended for children 4 years of age and older

A few of the book recommendations below are for slightly older children.  First, let’s deal with learning tools.  What every future coder or engineer needs is their own child-proof e-Tablet.





BEST SELLER Over 450 Reviews 4.2 Stars

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

  • 1 motorized head and 8 easy-to-connect segments for endless combinations!

  • Kids connect the segments to make Code-a-pillar go forward, left, right or wherever they choose

  • Each segment lights up as the action happens!

  • The motorized head segment features lights, fun character sounds and blinking eyes to bring Code-a-pillar to life!

  • Can you reach the target? Challenge kids to configure the segments so Code-a-pillar can get to the targets and reach their goals 



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