Download This Week’s Free Edu Books, Numbers, Math, Bullies, Baseball

Download This Week’s Free Edu Books, Numbers, Math, Bullies, Baseball

FREE Until July 21st 12 midnight PST


FINDING MY NUMBERS:  This book addresses three levels of learning for young children. 1) Counting and recognizing numbers up to twenty. 2) Improves cognitive skills when the child must find the numbers, sort of like a hide-and-seek with the numbers. 3) Helps to improve concentration while presenting the child with reading preparedness using a limited number of words within the book. Parents and/or teachers can expand the game by asking children to identify, not only numbers but objects and colors. A win-win tool for learning and lesson plan option



PRESCHOOL MATH WORKSHEETS –  Preschool Math, An Activity Book, Counting, Addition, and Subtraction Parents can select the digital format and/or print out the worksheets. The worksheets reinforce basic math skills, improve cognitive skills and learning skills while introducing the child to addition and subtraction in a fun and easy way. The colorful digital worksheets which can be printed and used over and over until the child fully understands the concept of adding and subtracting.



HANDLING BULLIES – Ways for Children to Stop Bullies. This ebook shares two important facts about bullying. First, this book helps children to understand other children are also experiencing bullying and they aren’t alone in the fight against bullies. This doesn’t mean much except that it helps children to know other children are experiencing the same difficulties. Secondly, children immediately learn how to increase their self-esteem. Increased self-esteem leads to increased levels of confidence that empowers the child.



Kevin and Kizmo go to The Baseball Hall of Fame

This time Kizmo, Kevin’s pet chimpanzee, behaves himself 

A children’s travel story surrounding baseball’s history, the rules of baseball, baseball cards and more. Share this adventure story with your child tonight. Reading to children increases their aptitude for learning and is a great way for working parents to spend quality time with children. This travel adventure provides information and entertainment for both the reader and the child. For children ages, 6 through 11 years.




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