Download This Week’s Free Edu Books for Kids, It’s All About the ABC’s This Week

Download This Week’s Free Edu Books for Kids, It’s All About the ABC’s This Week

Starting Monday, June 5th – Until 12 Midnight June 9th  Download This Week’s Free Edu Book for Children It’s All About the Alphabet.




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Children Can Learn the Basic Preschool Curriculum With Professor Proton, The Penguin Numbers, Shapes, Colors and ABC’s  Colorful digital book includes individual pages for number one through ten. Numbers eleven through twenty are grouped together starting with the number one. Shapes are presented in large bold colors with cartoon animals. Each of the basic colors is presented with the words of the colors in large letters. The alphabet is presented in three groups. Each alphabet includes an image which represents the sound each alphabet makes. (Phonics) A wonderful book for your preschooler’s digital library. An Early Childhood Education publication from After School Edu Project



ABCs, Animal Alphabet Book With Real Life Images Learning the ABCs can seem like a daunting task for young children, especially in the beginning when they realize singing the ABCs is very different than actually recognizing and repeating the ABCs in the correct sequence.


When young children feel stress they act out, won’t sit still, refuse to concentrate or participate in activities This colorful eBook helps children to feel more comfortable and confident about learning the alphabet.


Animals from the sea, the jungle, and our feathered friends are paired with each alphabet to help children feel more comfortable. Your author, a retired preschool teacher has 20 years experience in helping young children to learn. This particular ABC book is for preschoolers who are aggressive learners. An Early Childhood Education learning adventure.



Easy Effective Way to Help Children Identify Their ABCs
Learning has never been more fun and exciting
Children can learn their ABCs with Kevin and Kizmo. Usually these two spend time getting into trouble, but for now, Kevin has to go over his ABCs as a homework assignment. The pages include the 26 alphabets in upper and lower case. Each alphabet is a different color enabling young readers to learn colors and the alphabet. Kizmo, Kevin’s pet chimpanzee isn’t actually involved in the homework assignment, so young readers can concentrate on learning and recognizing the ABCs. An Early Childhood Education learning adventure.



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