Download this week’s free edu books for children, geography, travel trivia

Download this week’s free edu books for children,  geography, travel trivia

Books FREE Days Monday, January 23rd to Friday, January 27th, 2017 


All three continents available for free download, North America, Europe, and Africa.  Travel Trivia Game for Kids and Parents. Easy fun educational game for children to learn about the different countries and continents.  Full page color images bring the travel trivia game to life.   Read on your desktop or laptop using Amazon’s free App. Or read on any mobile device.




North American Continent –  The North American Continent is the topic of this colorful learning tool. Included are interesting and educational travel questions and answers on the highest mountain, longest river, lowest point, the most popular cities and much more. Each page is a colorful learning experience. Introduce your child to the world we live in, one book at a time. Pricing for each book in the series is based on images and download size


Europe – Over 20 important questions, pictures and facts surrounding the Continent of Europe Includes largest cities, most visited cities, landmarks, the UK vs. England, the city that is located on two continents and much more. Answers for each question is provided on a separate page to ensure a stress-free learning experience.e. A fun, colorful and adventurous travel game.


Africa – Large colorful images to enhance the learning experience. Includes information on Mount Kilimanjaro, Seychelles, the smallest country in Africa, and the most unique African country, Madagascar, and more. Younger children may need parent’s assistance. Interesting content for both children and parents.


Maze Games for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Six Reasons Maze Games Are Good for Children

1. It improves hand eye coordination

2. It encourages young hand-eye and increases self-esteem when they get it right.

3. It’s fun, and educational, at the same time.

4. It helps to develop the mind and thinking skills

5. It helps children learn how to concentrate.

And best of all, maze games help improve the speed of a child’s mental processing.

Do one brain teaser per night. This way your little one won’t be overwhelmed. If the child insists on doing more than one per night, go for it. The idea is to instill confidence, concentration and a pattern of success




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