Download This Week’s Free Edu Books, Cognitive Skills, Science, Geography

Download This Week’s Free Edu Books, Cognitive Skills, Science, Geography

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This fun book will help improve your child’s cognitive thinking skills. The child is given a series of 32 images and asked to determine which number, image or color is different, the same, smaller, in front of, or behind, up or down. This helps children to explain what they see, using basic descriptive words. These same cognitive thinking exercises will help prepare the child for reading. Excellent, lesson plan for home-daycare, preschool and kindergarten classes



What is nature? Pictures, questions, and answers to help kids understand what nature is. Thirty pages, full-color images leaves children with a better understanding of the world they live in. From the weather to feel, touch, hear and smell of nature. Older children may be able to read by themselves. Younger children will need the assistance of an older child, parent or teacher. A great lesson which children won’t soon forget on what exactly nature is. School Age Learning Experience Ages 6 to 8.  A lesson in science.



A Multicultural Travel Adventure and Geography for Children Ages 6 to 12 years.  Images of children from around the world, sharing two common denominators, education and sports.  Children can experience mufti-cultural differences from around the world when you share this travel adventure. The book includes multicultural education and geography lessons as the reader follows Kizmo the pet chimpanzee, and his family from Kenya, Africa to South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Europe, UK, US, Canada, Mexico and South America for the 2014 World Cup event. (The book includes over 45 images) The family returns home with a promise to visit China, Japan, the Philippians and Australia next year.


Travel trivia for children. The North American Continent is the topic of this colorful learning tool. Included are interesting and educational travel questions and answers on the highest mountain, longest river, lowest point, the most popular cities and much more. Each page is a colorful learning experience. Introduce your child to the world we live in, one book at a time. Pricing for each book in the series is based on images and download size



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