Download This Week’s Free Books for Kids, Travel Adventures, Italy, London, Mexico, Istanbul

Download This Week’s Free Books for Kids, Travel Adventures, Italy, London, Mexico, Istanbul

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A Travel Adventure for Children. Travel With Kevin and His Family to Italy.  A Geography and Travel Experience for Children where children learn how to read a map while exploring the most popular destinations in Italy, Rome, Florence, Naples, the birthplace of pizza, and Venice the city with streets of water. Colorful images and interesting facts make this a memorable travel adventure for kids and help to expand the child’s awareness of himself and the world he/she lives in.




Wonderful images, engaging travel adventure story for children. Kizmo, the pet chimpanzee, joins the family for a short holiday in London. Everything goes as planned, except Kevin falls asleep when they first arrive and when he wakes up he can’t find Kizmo. Kevin’s parents want to teach him a lesson about responsibility and decide not to tell Kevin where Kizmo is.  Kevin spends the entire day touring the city of London with his mom and sister, looking for Kizmo. Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace and ride the underground railway.  An after-school educational project.


A Travel Adventure for Children. Kevin and his family visit Mexico. Kevin improves his geography when he learns how to read the map while the family is traveling in Mexico. Children are introduced to the concept of an itinerary, travel arrangements and the different components involved in travel. The ebook helps to build cognitive thinking skills, sequential actions of cause and effect to reach travel destinations. Travel adventures expand the child’s mind and awareness and help to fulfill the need to explore and grow from different experiences. The child is introduced to the cultural differences and likeness in the country of Mexico. Major cities and destinations are shared along with details on the everyday lives of children living in Mexico. An educational experience for young children.



Geography Travel Adventure for Children Children Learn About the Unique City of Istanbul ……. One City, Two Continents, Europe and Asia. World map, city map, children’s map, travel itinerary, modes of transportation, everything needed for an educational travel adventure, including a pet chimpanzee who gets lost in almost every city the family visits. This travel adventure is no exception. Kizmo gets lost the day the family arrives in Istanbul. Kevin’s father who works and travels for NASA takes the entire family when he travels around the world. This time the family travels to Southeast Europe, to the country of Turkey. Colorful images of famous tourist and ancient landmarks in Istanbul are explored. Join the fun and the education while Kevin and his family explore this ancient city. Parent participation is recommended



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