Download This Week’s Four Free Edu eBooks for Kids, Music, Cognitive Skills, Word Recognition

Download This Week’s Four Free Edu eBooks for Kids, Music, Cognitive Skills, Word Recognition

Download Free Beginning Monday, June 12th Through June 16th, 12 Midnight.  Read on Any Mobile Device




Updated May 2016:  Early Childhood Education, Preparing Your Child to Read  Word recognition, especially words which have special meaning to the child automatically create interest. Children feel empowered when they know what a word looks like. It builds confidence and helps them to move forward in learning to read. Words children use in everyday life are more important to the child and hold a greater value




Logical Thinking Game for Early Childhood Education. This same and difference game employs twelve question that encourages the child to use logical thinking and cognitive skills to determine if the images are the same or different. The game is suitable for ages 3 to 5 years and beginning 6-year-olds. Tall, short, left right, animals, buildings, trees, same and different are all a part of the game. Learning the same and difference concept can be confusing for young children in the beginning. This game will build confidence and help children to
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remember the concept of same and difference without creating stress. Updated May 2016.




Revised May 2016 – Early Childhood Education, Word Recognition Learning Basic Geometry. Shapes, Numbers, Colors – Grades Preschool through Kindergarten, Ages 4 to 6 Children learn the basic shapes, colors of the shapes and the types of animals presenting the shapes. Full page colorful interaction. Also published in full-screen slide show presentation. Numbers, shapes and colors and animals. Another After School Education Project



For School Age Children –  Music Instruments from Around the World. This book encourages young children “to want to take music lessons.”  A little history on when and where popular musical instruments were invented along with the benefits of learning to read music. Children begin to experience the global effect music has on the world, but even more importantly, parents learn the music industry has high paying jobs, which they themselves may be interested in.



Starting June 13th  the eBook Let’s Count Our ABC’s will also be included in this week’s free educational books for children.  Children are introduced to abstract thinking game in a fun way when they learn to equate a number to each letter of the alphabet.  They are then introduced to the idea of writing secret code using the abstract numbering system.





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