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Memory – Memory is the way small children learn.

Usually children are three years old when the ability to consistently memorize becomes available to them.   Sometimes they are better at recognition than memory, but either way, the child is constantly learning.

Learning phonics consist of memory and is the bases for reading.  The belief is;  If a child remembers the different sounds a letter of the alphabet makes, they can ultimately sound out a word and become proficient in reading.  What educators forget to tell you is young children get impatient, and want to read all the words they can.   So what do they do?  They memorize as many words as possible.  Once the ability to memorize is awaken within a young child it only takes positive repetition for the child to learn.

The book My ABC’s and The Sounds They Make, Reading Readiness With Phonics: ABC’s With Phonics was written to help children with memorizing the sounds each letter makes.  It’s a colorful non-threating book which teaches phonics by matching colorful pictures with the words.  Parents only have to read the book one or twice a week until the child has a vivid memory of what sound each of the alphabet makes.

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