Daycare Curriculum

Daycare Curriculum suitable for children around the world.

Daycare Curriculum at preschool level makes a daycare extraordinary.  If you’re a home daycare provider or even a concerned parent, you’re in the right place. Preschool in American can be expensive and this is why many parents, especially single parents and lower income parents opt for home daycare for as long as possible.

Home daycare providers are catching on and beginning to embrace a preschool curriculum in their daily activities.  Some states require the necessary training for preschool education by home daycare providers, while other states require only a limited amount of training.

Home daycare providers who have the credentials or ECE (Early Childhood

Earn more income as a daycare provider

Education) credits to teach preschool curriculum can earn more income than a home daycare provider who uses TV to entertain children.  The fact daycare classes are smaller and more intimate makes an adjustment to a new learning environment much easier for younger and shy children.

This is not to say that regular preschools don’t do a good job because they do.  It’s just that a three year may adjust much easier in a smaller environment.  The child can matriculate to a full-blown preschool when he or she is four years old.  BUT only if the home daycare provider is keeping up her or his end of the bargain and providing adequate daycare curriculum at the preschool level.

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Combined with a lower cost and a much smaller class size, a home daycare dedicated to a preschool curriculum can be a great option of two and three-year-olds, all the way up to four years olds.  It’s certainly less expensive for a parent to keep the child in home daycare longer.

At some point it’s a good idea to introduce the child to the same environment they will experience in kindergarten.  Usually, this type of experience can be had at a preschool which is often times modeled after a kindergarten class.

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Daycare Curriculum Includes: 

  • Letters and Sounds of the Alphabet

  • Colors, Shapes, and Objects

  • Numbers and Counting Up to 10, Aggressive Learners Count to 20

  • Cutting and Drawing

  • Socializing and Sharing

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As you can see below, the difference in parents seeing your home daycare as a viable preschool option is based on appearance. IF you make your home “look” like a preschool classroom, parents will make the decision to enroll their children based on cleanliness, appearance and your ability to convince them that you will take care of their small child.