Complaint On One of Our Children’s Books, Need Your Input, Please

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We have a particular book which is free the week of October 3rd to October 7th.  The complaint is that the book is confusing at the end.  We need to ask our parents to please download the book and let us know what you think.  If you agree the book is confusing, or has any other issues which our editors missed, we’ll unpublished the book immediately.


The other complaint which we don’t take seriously:  After School Edu Project Publications prides itself on pleasing both parents and child.  We have continued to warn parents of forcing children into long learning lessons at home.  Yes, each parent wants the best for their child, however, pressuring the child could easily turn the child “off” to learning.


This is one of the major reasons our educational books are short and to the point.  Often times we publish books with an introduction to the lesson and then four to eight examples, sometimes more if the subject is fun and easy once learned..


When children are learning about a new subject it’s important to avoid stress related to learning a new subject.  ALL other complaints are taken seriously.