Coming Soon Educational Video Books for Children – Detective Jarbo First VideoBook

Coming Soon Educational Video Books for Children – Detective Jarbo First VideoBook

Children of ALL ages need access to mobile devices for educational purposes. It’s called supplemental expenses for your child’s education.  In the future this could easily become a mandatory expectation, not because it’s a fade, but because video learning provides a better learning experience for children.

zambieAfter School Education Project is working on a series entitled Detective Jarbo – In the first VideoBook children will help Detective Jarbo identifyimages flags from around the world to help find a cure for Zombies.  The learning components include reading, geography, clues and images to facilitate the correct answers.  To eliminate stress associated with winning the game, each child grades his or her own answers, which are written on a separate sheet of paper.

In order to win, the child must get ALL of the answers correct, in order to stop the Zombies.  Therefore building confidence is also a part of this learning experience.

The people here at publishing company of After School Education Projects has opted to publish educational learning videos oppose to Android Apps.  While Android Apps are extremely popular, we don’t think parents appreciate 4 to 7 year olds borrowing their smartphone or any of their mobile devices.

Whereas purchasing a children’s tablet is a much easier option, especially because children have a tendency to drop things.

Thus we opt for online educational videos on private YouTube channels.  Parents will be able to purchase the books in the Amazon Store and the links will be included for the learning videos.  The only way children can access the videos is through the educational books.  The draw back is children will need an active internet connection to view the videos.   No purchase ads are included within the educational videos.

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