What Your Child Should Know Before Starting Kindergarten, Academically

ebooks for kidsOften children aren’t ready for kindergarten based on social and academic skills. Most times this is due to parents not understanding the unspoken criteria for kindergarten. The curriculum for preschools around the country varies greatly. Plus there is the ongoing conflict over preschool being a time for play or a time for learning basic academics?


Here at www.freepreschoolbooks.com we suggest parents seek out a preschool that offers academics in the morning and play in the afternoon.  Standard academic preschool skills are necessary if children are to adjust to kindergarten without delay. Children need the balance of social and academic progression during the early years. And even if you don’t believe in early academics for preschoolers, know that when they get to kindergarten, there will be children in the class who already know the academic basics. Thus you child would start school in the bottom half of the class. This is our professional opinion and we respect educators who think differently.


Below is a list of academic basics for preschoolers:

  1. Be able to identify the alphabet, upper case and lower case, in sequence and out of sequence.
  2. Know the basic colors
  3. Able to sort colors, shapes and sizes
  4. Math: Able to count to 20 (Recognizing number to 20 out of sequence is a good thing)
  5. Identify basic shapes, square, triangle, rectangle, circles
  6. Understand and be able to respond to Directional and Positional words/concepts like: small/large, up/down, left/right, few/many, short/long, tall/short, in front of/behind, etc.


Most preschoolers aren’t ready to entertain more than one concept or ideas at a time, however, they learn by repetition. The more fun, exciting ebooks for kids3and colorful the learning experience the better, but not too colorful. Young children have a short attention span, therefore you must to keep your lessons, interesting, colorful and short to encourage learning.  What children learn in preschool will have a profound affect on on a child’s learning progression.


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