Activities for Preschool

Activities for Preschool
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Keeping children busy with progressive and productive activities helps to build cognitive skills, memory, and overall learning habits.  When and if a young child “likes” a game or book, they can spend hours repeating the game.
300+ colorful exercises – preschool activities
This is a good thing.  It helps to lower the cost of keeping them busy and enables the parent to have more quiet time.
Preschool teachers have known and used this secret for decades.  Find what children love and make it available to them when you need downtime to rebuild your energy or just to take a deep breath.  The learning tools, games, exercises, and activity books on this page are popular recommendations to help improve your preschoolers’ learning habits AND give you more quiet time around the house.



LeapFrog LeapStart Kindergarten Activity Book: Amazing Animals and Conservation comes with a 4.5-star rating from parents.  This activity book explores the animal kingdom to learn more about animals.   Children can employ cognitive skills when the comparison of animal’s characteristics are present.  Helping the animals to complete an obstacle course is another cognitive skill activity included in the particular children’s book.   This book is recommended for ages 4 to 6, however, we at FreePreschoolBooks suggest aggressive learners, ages 3 to 4, can benefit from this book as well.   The book includes over 30 replayable activities.  The keyword here is ‘replayable” activities.  Book is listed in category of Science for Kindergarteners


In the Eye Spy Preschool Activity Game, kids can choose from 12 interlocking I Spy Puzzles.  This preschool game promotes reading skills and social skills as well as introduces children to the world of learning how to play by the rules.  This preschool activity game has a consistent  4-star rating from parents.  Highly recommended.  Because there are 12 interlocking puzzles this preschool activity can also serve as an affordable daycare curriculum option



Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit includes 71 pieces to teach to help teach preschoolers basic preschool curriculum.   Includes step by step guide for home day care teacher and parents.  See below.


Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Wooden Number Puzzles which includes 40 pieces is another favorite preschool game and activity for teaching math to preschoolers.  The product suggests ages 4 and up. We here at recommend for ages 3 to 5



Pinterest also has 25 plus great activities for preschoolers listed.  You may want to browse for additional ideas and suggestions.  To save money you can write the alphabet on a cardboard box and set up an area for children to paint over the letters of the alphabet. also has a number of recommended suggestions for preschool activities.
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